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I originally made RAR Expander simply because I needed a good RAR expansion application myself, but since then I have spent a lot of time on providing preferences, help files, GUI design, proper error handling, making it faster etc. to make it useful to others as well. And then there is the additional work that comes with making it available to others: answering support requests and handling bug reports. While I'm not expecting to get rich from RAR Expander, I was hoping the donations would pay for the occassional pizza and coke for RAR Expander programming sessions. :) Alas, so far only a few people (less than 5!) have made a donation, so I'm hoping that in the future more users of RAR Expander will recognize this plea: if you like RAR Expander and have some use for it, please consider making a donation!

If you donate, you will not only be supporting RAR Expander: a small part of your donation will go to SourceForge, a site that provides valuable services to the open source development community at large.

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